10 Times TWICE’s Nayeon Drove Everyone Crazy With Her Powerful Visuals In Suits & Blazers

She’s giving us major CEO vibes.

Typically, TWICE’s Nayeon is known for her feminine, cute, and comfortable style choices. But, when she puts on a suit or a blazer, she carries off the powerful image perfectly. Here are 10 times her boss b*tch visuals had ONCEs begging for more suit styling.

1. Nayeon is way too powerful in red

2. Business on top, cutesy on the bottom

3. All-black suit and a cute hat? This day was a win for ONCEs

4. She looks like the heiress to a billion dollar company

5. Pastel colors suit her vibe so well

6. How can she make a blazer look so soft?

7. This was one for this history books

8. Show off those honey thighs with pride, Nayeon!

9. There she goes again making red her color

10. The only thing better than Nayeon in a blazer is Nayeon in a cropped blazer


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