Here Are 10+ Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Showed Off Her Amazing Hourglass Figure

#8 is truly breathtaking!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu truly has a beauty that is out of this world! Not only is her facial visuals gorgeous but her stunning figure as well! Here are 10+ times Tzuyu showed off her amazing hourglass figure:

1. Her physique is lovely in this pretty dress!

2. The perfect model

3. The “X-line” body shape is killer

4. Her dance lines are absolutely gorgeous

5. She’s so graceful

6. Her physique looks great in casual wear as well

7. The cutout clothing really helps show off her charming curves!

8. She works hard and plays hard

9. Her tiny waist!

10. Classy and elegant

11. Do you see her defined hourglass figure?!

12. Tzuyu made jaw drops with her tiny ant-waist

13. She’s always enchanting!

14. Her fitness routine must be intense!

15. That smile brightens up the whole stage

16. A cute mouse is waving at you!

17. Her hourglass figure works perfectly with a fitted black dress

18. Tzuyu’s gorgeous visuals allow her to look amazing in anything she wears

19. She’s got stunning long legs as well

20. She’s fierce and so is her figure

21. Let’s not forget about her amazing “11-line” abs

22. Any mini dress looks cute on Tzuyu

23. Her curvy hips give her a beautiful shape.

24. Skinny jeans always help show off her curves!