10+ Times WANNA ONE Members Bullied Eachother On Camera

Because nothing says “friendship” like a slap to the face.

Wanna One has only been together for a year, but they’ve grown as close as brothers during that time. Like real brothers, they fight, insult, and tease each other, but it’s all done out of love.


1. When Kang Daniel abused Yoon Jisung’s giraffe.

All Soon Jisung wanted was to enjoy his relaxing skin mask, but Kang Daniel wouldn’t allow it.

Jisung ended up chasing him around the room while trying to rescue his kidnapped giraffe.


2. When they called Yoon Jisung a crybaby.

During a comeback special, Wanna One had a “truth talk” where they talked about each individual member. The members tried to express how much they need Yoon Jisung’s sensitivity in their lives…

…but ended up giving him a back-handed compliment.

Jisung wasn’t sure how to take it.


3. When Lai Guanlin complained about Kim Jaehwan’s singing.

Lai Guanlin told the other members that Kim Jaehwan practices singing so much…

…that he can hear Kim Jaehwan’s voice in his sleep.

It drives him crazy!


4. When they ganged up on Park Jihoon to reveal his “true” self.

According to the members, Park Jihoon is not the same person out in the world as he is at home.

Park Jihoon objected to their attack by saying, “You can’t say things like that! They’ll believe you.”

5. When Lai Guanlin rebelled.

Guanlin shocked his hyungs when he greeted them with, “Hi, kids!”.

He went out of his way to provoke Sungwoon by addressing him informally, then asking if he was enjoying his meal.


6. When they said Lee Daehwi has no shame.

According to the other members, Lee Daehwi has no qualms about showing off his aegyo.


7. When they embarrassed Park “Wink Boy” Jihoon.

Park Jihoon looked like he’d rather be anywhere else.


8. When they revealed how bad Park Woojin used to be at singing…and then made him sing.

Peer pressure is a sign of love, right?

They just wanted the world to hear his beautiful voice!


9. When Kim Jaehwan fed Hwang Minhyun his finger.

Instead of giving Hwang Minhyun a candy, Kim Jaehwan stuck his finger in his mouth.

Judging by Hwang Minhyun’s reaction, it did not taste good.

10. When they wouldn’t let Park Jihoon rest.


11. When they badmouthed Kang Daniel behind his back.

Kang Daniel didn’t appear with the rest of the members during their honesty talk, but that didn’t stop them from bringing him up. Although they had many nice things to say about their absent member, Wanna One didn’t miss the opportunity to insult his childish sense of humor!


12. When they zapped Park Jihoon with a low-frequency simulator.


13. This aegyo fight.


14. This neck slice.


15. This rejected kiss.

Wanna One