10+ Times Yoona Revealed Her Famous X-Line Body Shape

These stage outfits truly highlight her flawless hour-glass figure!

Yoona may have a thin frame, but she’s known in Korea for her perfect X-Line body proportions. (X-Line is a term Koreans made for girls with wide hips and a slim waist.) Yoona doesn’t often wear revealing clothes, but at these concerts, fans minds were blown upon seeing her skin-tight costumes.


1. Yoona’s waist is so small that her hands nearly meet when she puts them on her hips!


2. And, in contrast to her tiny waist, her hips look even wider.


3. Yoona has truly got the perfect X-line figure!


4. It’s no wonder they call her the queen of the X-line.


5. Her body really looks like the shape of an “X”!


6. With such a beautiful figure, she may well be the sexiest football player out there!


7. She can be both sexy and cute at the same time.


8. But that doesn’t mean she can’t be completely sexy.


9. The captivating expression on her face…


10. …In combination with her perfect S-line…


11. …And this bedazzling stage outfit…


12. Makes her look like a true queen of the X-line!

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