These 10 Titles Are Shared By Multiple K-Pop Songs

When you say you’re listening to “Lonely,” which song do you mean?

Given the sheer number of K-Pop songs released every year, and even every month, it’s no surprise that titles will begin to overlap among a few of them. Over the years, these 10 titles have been used by multiple groups, though they certainly aren’t the only repeat titles!

SISTAR | Starship Entertainment

1. “Lonely”

Perhaps the most popular title of all time, “Lonely” is the title of countless songs, K-Pop and otherwise. Some groups that have used the title are SISTAR2NE1, and B1A4, and the title has also been used in solo work by singers like Jonghyun. These four are far from being the only artists to have a song called “Lonely,” though!

Jonghyun in “Lonely” music video

2. “Happy”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, “Happy” is another popular title. This is one that was also used by 2NE1, and more recently has been the name of songs by Taeyeon and WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls).

WJSN in “Happy” music video

3. “Happiness”

In a similar vein to the previous title, “Happiness” is also quite popular! Red Velvet‘s debut title track shares this name with a 2007 song by Super JuniorPENTAGON even released a Japanese tune of this name!

Red Velvet in “Happiness” music video

4. “Dynamite”

This is a title often used in American pop music as well. “Dynamite” was the title for a 2013 SHINee song, a 2016 VIXX song, and of course most recently, a BTS song!

BTS in “Dynamite” music video

5. “Crazy”

There are plenty of K-Pop lyrics about going crazy, so we really can’t be shocked that there are songs called “Crazy” too! Among the most well-known songs with this title are of course 4MINUTE‘s and Jonghyun‘s, both released in 2015. Must have been a pretty crazy year!

4MINUTE in “Crazy” music video

6. “Home Run”

Though they are stylized differently, this baseball term claims the title spot for tunes by both SEVENTEEN and GOT7. The two songs share an upbeat quality that perfectly fits the sport.

SEVENTEEN in “HOME;RUN” music video

7. “Savage”

This is another title popular in American pop music, but it’s made its appearances on the K-Pop scene as well. Aespa‘s mega-popular hit dropped just last year, but a 2019 song by A.C.E also shares the name!

aespa in “Savage” music video

8. “Something”

Though not the most commonly used song title in the world, “Something” is still a title with a fair share of the spotlight. Most K-Pop fans would probably recognize the massive hit of this 2014 title by Girl’s Day as well as the TVXQ! track from the same year.

Girl’s Day in “Something” music video

9. “Nunu Nana”

With a title as unique as this one, you probably wouldn’t expect it to be used twice, so this one might surprise you. Though the romanization differs between the tracks, both Jessi and cignature (who spell theirs in English as “Nun Nu Nan Na”) have released songs of this title!

Jessi in “NUNU NANA” music video | dazzlingkai/Tumblr

10. “DDD”

This is another song with a title so uncommon you’d expect it to stand by itself. Despite that, both EXID and The Boyz have released songs that hold “DDD” as their names.

EXID in “DDD” music video
Source: Tenor and YouTube