15 Most Touching Tweets About EXO’s Suho’s Military Enlistment Today — Prepare Your Tissues And #LetsMeetAgain_SUHO

Thank you for being a great leader, Suho. Serve well and see you again.

Ever since EXO‘s Suho posted his letter about his enlistment on EXO’s official fansite, fans all over the world have been surprised.

Hello our EXO-L, this is Suho.

I have something to tell everyone today, so I am leaving this post. Soon on May 14, I will begin serving my mandatory military service. During that time, I will really miss all of the EXO-L.

I hope all of the EXO-L who think of me and send me their love will always stay healthy. I am truly thankful and love you all.

WE ARE ONE EXO, I love you.

– Suho

The group’s leader will be the third member of EXO to enlist in the military, following D.O. (July 1, 2019) and Xiumin (May 7, 2019).

Since today is Suho’s enlistment date, EXO-L worldwide have taken to Twitter to express their emotional support to Suho. Here are 15 of the most touching and heartwarming tweets that you can check out today.

1. The sign language of Suho’s love

2. Hardworking and responsible leader

3. Fans are waiting for Suho’s safe return

4. EXO has an unbreakable bond

5. The hyung who helped raise their maknae 

6. Bunny leader who always brightens the days of EXO-L

7. Such a rare gem indeed

8. Suho always makes sure that his members are taken cared of

9. Fans will greatly miss you too, Suho

10. Difference between “we miss you” and “we miss you so much”

11. EXO’s leader who deserves a break sometimes, too

12. You are!

13. The members knew about his decision beforehand

14. …can you still read this tweet even if you’re drowning in tears already?

15. The last…for now