10+ Tweet Reactions To Chungha’s Latest Bop, “Bicycle”

Chungha’s not playing this comeback!

Chungha just made her comeback, and is totally killing it!

| MNH Entertainment

On February 15, Chungha made her comeback with her first full album titled Querencia, and accompanying title track “Bicycle”.

| MNH Entertainment

Here are 10+ tweet reactions showing how hyped fans are with the quality bop she just released!

1. Chungha as a main rapper: CONFIRMED

2. Chungha’s really bringing out that god-tier styling for this comeback!

3. She always delivers top-notch performances everytime!

4. The “Bicycle” MV became 10 times hotter with the water scenes!


6. BRB these visuals are KILLING us!

7. Chungha is representing queens everywhere

8. Chungha is all you need!

9. “Bicycle” is a masterpiece in more ways than one!

10. This move is for the history books!

11. This comeback is fire!

12. This queen is truly on another level entirely!

Chungha made her comeback with “Bicycle”.

Watch the MV for it here!