10+ Tweet Reactions To TWICE Momo’s Iconic Cover Of BTS’s “Dynamite”

Momo is owning that choreography!

TWICE‘s Momo just covered BTS‘s iconic hit “Dynamite”, and both ONCEs and ARMYs totally approve!

Momo and Sana started a live broadcast recently, where they covered some of K-Pop’s most famous songs!

From Troublemaker‘s “Troublemaker”…

…to Miss A‘s “Touch”, the two delivered amazing, fun performances the entire video!

The two also covered BTS’s summer hit “Dynamite”, and Momo, in particular, gained tons of attention for her flawless execution of the intricate choreography! Momo even began trending for how much she was slaying the dance!

Here are some reactions from fans who can’t get enough of Momo’s incredible dancing skills!

1. They’re killing this choreography!


2. Why sleep when you can jam to “Dynamite”?


3. Fans are so hyped for this cover!


4. Momo waited for this moment because she knew she’d SLAY






7. They’re really doing “Dynamite” justice!


8. BRB dying because MOMO


9. She’s slayin’!


10. No lie


11. Quality content ONLY


12. Momo said “MAIN DANCER”


Dancing queen Momo serves talent only!