10 Tweets From ARMYs That Show “Run BTS!” Needs To Come Back ASAP

Champagne without the cham 💔😔

BTS‘s popular variety show Run BTS! is responsible for the serotonin boost for millions of ARMYs during the week.

Like the seven members of BTS who are on an extended vacation right now, Run BTS! is also on a break and ARMYs couldn’t be sadder about this. The popular show’s designated day of the week was Tuesdays, and now ARMYs feel like something is missing in their Tuesdays.

Here are 10 tweets from ARMYs that show just how much they’re missing Run BTS!

1. Crying in Yeontan

2. Heartbreak

3. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed

4. Pure devastation

5. Very sad indeed.

6. Evil Tuesday

7. Filling a void

8. Realizations

9. Hobi tears

10. cold hard truths

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