These 10+ Tweets By ARMYs Whose Moms Became BTS’s Fans Too Will Convince You That BTS Is Really For Everyone

If your mom is like #12, you’re incredibly lucky.

If you thought the BTS fandom is composed of 12-year old teenage girls only, think again.

These 10+ tweets of ARMYs with equally BTS-loving mothers prove you that anyone living on this world can fall in love with BTS’s charms — yes, even your mother with seemingly high standards.

1. ARMY mother influencing her ARMY daughter

2. Who needs a spa day with your mom when you can attend BTS concerts?

3. Honestly, mom? Same

4. RM’s charms prove he’s a visual king, too

5. When your family’s so used to you listening to BTS alone, so for them, K-Pop = BTS

6. Haters, do you want ice for that burn?

7. You’ve got a friend in V

8. This is so wholesome, please protect her at all costs

9. Just when you thought your mom wasn’t listening to you…

10. Make sure they bring back the Tupperware when you give these to them”

11. It’s the only way to control the kids

12. Late night texts from mom

13. It’s always a good idea to find new things to bond with your mom

14. We all know a Jimin stan who’s like this

15. Looks like RM’s gonna be shaving two sets of eyebrows in this household

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