10 Tweets Of BTS’s Jin Calling Himself ‘Seokjinie’, An Ongoing Trend

Our lovely Seokjinnie!

BTS are known to have many cute nicknames given to them by fans, but Jin gave himself one and has been using it continuously on his social media posts. He likes to call himself ‘Seokjinnie’ which is a cuter way to say his real name Seokjin. He has been seen using this in various Twitter posts and on Weverse as well. Fans found it rather cute that he would create a cute nickname for himself.

Here’s a list of Tweets, starting from his most recent post, of him calling himself ‘Seokjinnie’.

1. Seokjinnie

2. ON Seokjinnie

3. Seokjinnie

4. Grammy Seokjinnie

5. Seokjinnie

6. Seokjinnie

7. Seokjjinie

8. Seokjinnie is hot too

9. Seokjinnie

10. Happy birthday to BTS. Seokjinnie and six kids I love you

Who else loves our Seokjinnie? What other nicknames do you have for him?