10+ Tweets That Sum Up How Unbelievably Thirsty ARMYs Are For BTS’s Florist Isaac

ARMYs are thirsty AF, and only BTS’s florist Isaac can quench their thirst.

During the latest episode of Run BTS!, the boys entertained their fans by spending a few minutes to try and make the best flower arrangements that they possibly could.

Instead of their flower arrangements being the highlight of the episode, though, ARMYs focused on something — or someone — who caught their eye.

It was the florist named Isaac who completely stole the show.

To prove how strong his impact was to the viewers, here are 10+ thirst tweets that sum up how whipped ARMYs are for Isaac.

1. What are allergies, again?

2. This is the dream life

3. Even BTS’s florist has an outstanding duality

4. Guess who just found a new idol to stan today

5. Suggestions are highly welcome and appreciated

6. Isaac was the real winner, though

7. Get in line behind BTS, sis

8. He’s an ARMY too

9. Who knew handling flowers all day was such a good work out routine?

10. That escalated quickly

11. Everyone was a willing victim

12. He’s the complete package

13. Which one are you?

You can check out his Instagram page here for more pictures of flowers, pretty man, and of course, abs.