10+ TWICE’s Dahyun Blew Us Away In The Sexiest Outfits

She’s a gorgeous queen!

TWICE‘s Dahyun is known as the group’s dorky, talented rapper, but she has a gorgeous sexy side too! Here are 10+ times Dahyun wore the prettiest, sexiest outfits, and blew us all away!

1. Dahyun looks so pretty in black!


2. She’s gorgeous.


3. Dahyun makes this dress work!


4. She’s so pretty in this outfit!


5. Her visuals are unreal.


6. Dahyun rocks this sexy outfit!


7. She’s got such alluring visuals.


8. This dress is so pretty on her!


9. She’s totally embracing her sexy side!


10. Her visuals absolutely shine!


11. This outfit suits her so much!


12. She’s a sexy queen!


13. She has amazing proportions!


14. She’s so incredibly beautiful!