10+ TWICE Summer Outfits You Can “Dance The Night Away” In

Because everyone could take a page from TWICE’s (fashionable) book.

1. Floral Mini-Dress & Sandals

Chaeyoung‘s ruffled sundress is filled with beautiful purple flowers that off-set her bright orange hair.

This look is great for summer parties because it is stylish, comfortable…

…and looks fantastic with a pair of matching, solid-colour sandals.


2. Puff Sleeve Patterned Dress

Nayeon couldn’t look more adorable in this white, cherry-patterned dress! This is an outfit that looks great with running shoes, but could easily be dressed up with heels too.

Don’t forget to accessorize! Nayeon’s bright reddish-pink headband finishes off this sweet outfit by adding just the right amount of girlishness.


3. Crop-Top & High-Waisted Jeans

Not a fan of dresses? No problem! This casual yet sexy look is perfect for summer night dance parties.

The jeans will keep you just warm enough from the cool night air, while the crop-top gives you room to bust a move!


4. Tees & Shorts

If it’s too hot for jeans and you’re looking for something casual to dance in, nothing beats this classic combo. Just tuck a cute tee…

…into a cute pair of high-waisted shorts…

…and you’re ready for your beach party!


5. Overalls

Overalls aren’t for everyone, but when worn with the right items they really do look cute.

Jihyo effortly pulls off this bell-bottomed pair with a sleeveless top and white runners.

Dahyun, on the other hand, chose to dress her overalls up with a classic, ruffled top.


6. Long Dresses

Mini-dresses are a popular summer choice, but Momo looks like pure sunshine in this long-sleeved, yellow dress.

Its loose sleeves and skirt would billow beautifully with every move!


7. High-Low Skirts

Can’t decide on a long dress or a mini-dress? Jeongyeon has a solution for you: the high-low dress.


High-low skirts are short in the front but flare out cape-like in the back. It’s the perfect item for indecisive fashionistas, and it’s also the perfect item to draw attention to your lovely legs!


8. Of-the-Shoulder Crop Top

Every beach babe should have at least one blouse like this in their closet. It’s beautiful, breezy, sexy, and very versatile.

It can be worn with pretty much any bottoms, but it’s especially great for dressing up a plain pair of shorts.

If you’ve never worn a shirt like Dahyun’s before, consider trying one on the next time you go summer shopping.


9. Bathing Suit & Denim

Bathing suits are a summer staple and is denim, so why not wear them together?

A bathing suit top, denim skirt, and flip-flops are all you need to look fabulous at your next beach party.

The best part about this outfit is that you don’t have to change into your suit to take a dip.

You’re already ready to go!


11. Red Dress

Little red dresses are a necessary item for every season, but they look especially stunning in the summer sun.

A bold mini-dress like Nayeon’s is guaranteed to turn heads!

If you’re feeling a little more modest, try a flowing, asymmetrical dress like this one instead.


12. Long Sleeves, Short Skirt

A beautiful, long-sleeved mini-dress like this one is a great choice if you’re looking for a more sophistocated look.

Try pairing opposite textures like ripped denim and classic ruffles for a creative new look. Strappy sandals would add an elegant touch!