10 Of TWICE’s Most Embarrassing Stage Accidents Of All Time

TWICE members have experienced quite a few embarrassing moments but they all dealt with it like pros!


During the intro of TWICE’s “Signal”, the music suddenly cuts off sending TWICE members into a moment of confusion and embarrassment.

This moment only lasted a second before all the members chimed in to make best of the situation by making comments such as, “Surprise!”, “Again!”, “That was a fun surprise,” and “This time, for real”. As shown later in the video, the performance was being held in a massive stadium with thousands of viewers shouting angry comments at their disappointment. Despite the pressure they must have felt, they dealt with this embarrassing situation in the best possible way!


2. Sana

During a rehearsal, Sana accidentally stepped up onto the rising platform when she wasn’t supposed to. She ran back down, not being able to stop herself from cracking up because of the mistake.


3. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon seemed to have forgotten what to say during this live broadcast of Music Bank.


4. Tzuyu

Tzuyu confidently threw a basket of candy into the audience but completely failed. She looked quite embarrassed as she apologized to fans for not being able to throw the candy properly!


5. Sana

At TWICE’s fansign event, TWICE performed their song “TT” wearing cute animal pajama costumes. Towards the beginning of the song, Sana’s cell phone jumped out of her pocket, making her squat down in the middle of the performance to get it. Although it may be pretty embarrassing, the big animal costume makes her look extra cute in the process.


6. Sana

Sana’s reindeer headband was so big that she knocked it off of her head during the choreography!


7. Momo

Momo’s shoe went flying off the stage during TWICE’s “Signal” performance but she continued the song till the end without a shoe pretending that nothing was wrong!


8. Mina

During TWICE’s Christmas performance of “TT” on Show! Music Core on December 24, 2016, Mina seemed a bit confused with the choreography and was a step late.


9. Tzuyu

During TWICE’s introduction, Tzuyu gave the wrong answer to Jihyo’s question. When Jihyo asked, “For our 2nd album, what song do we have Tzuyu?” Tzuyu hesitated before asking the audience, “Uhm…everyone do you know?” Then she shouted with a huge smile, “It’s ‘Like OOH-AHH’!” The other members were slightly taken aback by her answer and Jihyo immediately followed up saying, “No, it’s not…It’s not Tzuyu! 2nd album!” Only then realizing her mistake, Tzuyu corrected herself and shouted that it is “Cheer Up”. She then quickly erased the embarrassing moment with her cute, innocent-looking smile.


10. Dahyun

Dahyun lost her balance and fell to the floor in embarrassment before lifting her head with a big old smile.