Here Are The 10 Types Of K-Drama Kisses

Avid K-Drama fans will recognize most of these.

One of the best aspects of K-Dramas is its iconic kiss scenes. While many of these scenes are iconic, there are multiple kinds of kiss scenes shown in K-Dramas. Here are some of the different types of kisses seen in K-Dramas.

1. Passionate kiss

This is basically when the two actors start getting passionately involved in their kiss scene.

2. The peck

These are usually “teasers” for future kiss scenes. 

3. Unexpected kiss

These are quite common, as kiss scenes can come at unexpected times in K-Dramas.

4. Scared kiss

These kisses happen when one of the actors is timider about a kiss scene.

5. Indirect kiss (usually due to food)

These are usually done with food and are just small teasers for future kiss scenes.

6. Cut-off kiss

These happen when one character is trying to complete their sentence but unexpectedly gets cut-off with a kiss.

7. Near kiss

These are also pretty frequent, as these are like small teasers for future kiss scenes.

8. Accidental kiss

When two characters are goofing around, but it leads to an accidental moment.

9. Height difference kiss

Lots of K-Drama couples have large height differences, which makes the kiss more adorable.

10. Tearful kiss

This is when at least one of the characters is on the verge of tears, and a kiss is used as a comforting tool.