Here Are 10 Ultimate Gamer Moments From aespa’s PUBG Livestreams

Their gaming skills are NEXT LEVEL!

Over the past few weeks, the members of popular rookie group aespa have been showing off their PUBG skills throughout the SM Super Idol League series with Huya TV! Armed with iPads and gaming chairs, Giselle, Karina, Winter, and Ningning all tried their best to have fun while taking down the competition in style.

aespa 柚子吉吉BeMYaengel片段2 | Huya TV

As the first season of the show finally came to a close on August 2, let’s take a look at 10 of aespa’s most iconic gamer moments!

1. When Karina and Winter Had A Dance Battle

While the two girls positioned their characters away from enemy eyes inside of a house, they decided it was the perfect time for a dance off!

2. When Karina Committed A Robbery

After Winter successfully made a kill, she returned to her hiding spot only to find Karina stealing her food!

3. When Ningning Tried To Fly

Ningning attempted to push the limits of the human body by making her character soar through the sky! Unfortunately, she accidentally took quite a bit of damage on the landing.

4. When Winter Got A Little Lost

At one point Winter followed a group who she assumed to be the other members, only to find out that they were instead just random people!

5. When Giselle Made A TWICE Reference

Part way through the stream, Karina said “Knock knock!” as she entered through a door, prompting Giselle to begin singing “Knock Knock” by TWICE!

6. When Karina And Winter Mopped The Floor

Although Karina didn’t know what was going on, she decided to crawl on the floor as soon as she saw Winter doing it! Together, they tried their best to clean the room as one.

7. When Ningning Used ‘Gamer’ Language

It isn’t often that you hear a K-Pop idol swear, but PUBG can bring out the fire in anyone! Ningning surprised both MYs and even herself when she said, “Oh, what the f*ck?!”

8. When Karina Spontaneously Sang “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

As the rest of the members were calling out to each other and discussing strategy, Karina casually began singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” absolutely beautifully!

9. When Winter Congratulated The MVP

To commend Karina for receiving the title of MVP, Winter gave her a playful  celebratory shove!

10. When Even The Pros Fell For aespa’s Charms

T1 (a competitive e-sports team based in South Korea) recently revealed that they are huge fans of the girls! In the middle of when aespa’s SM Super Idol League series was airing, one of the T1 players known as Hulk even talked about his favorite member on the team’s official YouTube channel.

What game would you want to see aespa play next?