10+ Unedited Moments Of BTS’s Suga From His First “Agust D” Concert That Show What He Really Looks Like IRL

#6 is actually legendary.

Fans have eagerly awaited BTS Suga’sΒ Agust D since the world tour was announced earlier this year. Suga kicked off the tour in Newark, New Jersey, and thrilled fans from the start with his performances. One thing fans couldn’t help but appreciate was the artist’s amazing visuals, especially close-up.

Here are 10+ moments from the concert that show what he really looks like IRL!

1. From the start, he looked amazing.

2. The smallest bit of skin show drives fans crazy.

We get it though!

3. That IS Crazy.

4. The cheers made him a little shy.

He’s too cute!

5.Β  He looked amazing while taking this fan’s phone

But what about that selfie video?

6. The most anticipated video from the night.

How lucky is this fan!

7. His smile is everything.

It seems like it was contagious too!

8. Low-quality photos…

… high-quality man.


Not sure how anyone survived being this close to him.

10. He makes us speechless too.


11. Can he drop the skincare routine?

Like, seriously.



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