10+ Unedited Moments of NCT’s Jaehyun From Prada’s Seoul Pop-Up Store That Show What He Really Looks Like IRL

#10 shows how his skin looks close-up!

On May 8 (KST), NCT‘s Jaehyun was one of the celebrity guests invited to the Prada Tropico event in Seoul. As an official Prada ambassador, Jaehyun stunned fans in edited and unedited photos and videos taken during the event.

Here are 10+ moments that show how handsome he really is in real life!

1. Attracting attention from the moment he arrived!

2. Jaehyun surprised fans by dyeing his hair black!

Just days before he was blond.

3. No words are needed.

4. Even his side profile is perfect.

5. He’s too cute!

He also looks so tall in this video!

6. Living up to his “hi-hi” cat nickname.

7. How can someone look this good?

Like, seriously.

8. You can spot those dimples from a mile away.

9. Sending hearts…

…and shaking them.

10. This close-up shot is everything.

Look at how perfect his skin is!

11. He’s a natural model.

No wonder he’s one of the brand’s ambassadors!

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