10 Unexpected Moments From MONSTA X’s Shownu That We Didn’t Know We Needed

We love a king with duality.

Although most people know MONSTA X‘s Shownu for his sexy and charismatic charm, there is a duality to him that some people don’t know about.

Let’s take a look at some unexpected talents/random moments of Shownu that show a different side to him.

1. A human compass

2. Strong like a lumberjack

3. Water bottle challenge

4. Scared of bugs? Shownu’s got your back

5. Pushups but upside down

6. Good at describing foods with his body

7. No fork? No worries

8. Who needs a spoon when you can drink your cereal?

9. Spitting juice perfectly back into a cup

10. Doing a thumb wave

Shownu’s ability to go from dorky to sexy is a charm that keeps fans coming back for more!

Source: theqoo