10 Unforgettable Airport Outfits That Prove EXO’s Sehun Is The King Of Style

Which one is your favorite?

EXO’s maknae Sehun just seems to be amazing at everything. Not only is he the group’s visual and lead dancer, he also has amazing taste in fashion. Here are 10 of the best Sehun airport looks like EXO-Ls will never forget.

#1. Sehun in December 2017

What’s better than Sehun in all black? Sehun in all black with specs, of course.

#2. Sehun in September 2019

Sehun looked like pure sunshine this day in a $1,700 USD yellow Berluti half-zip wool sweater.

#3. Sehun in February 2018

Sehun looked expensive AF wearing this $2,500 Fendi trench coat over his outfit.

#4. Sehun in March 2017

Idol or billionaire CEO? It’s hard to tell what Sehun is in this sleek all-black outfit with a Louis Vuitton bag and sunglasses to match.

#5. Sehun in January 2016

Sehun created his own brand of nerd chic with this look: classic spectacles, double layered shirts, and a shearling collar jacket to make it cool.

#6. Sehun in May 2018

Sehun headed to the Paris Louis Vuitton Cruise in style this day dressed in a bold gambling shirt from the brand that no one could take their eyes off.

#7. Sehun in January 2020

This year started off right when Sehun wore this shimmery silk graphic printed shirt from Berluti, worth over $1,100 USD.

#8. Sehun in April 2016

This $800 Gucci herbarium print sweatshirt may look simple, but on Sehun it’s just so eye catching.

#9. Sehun in August 2015

No one should look this good in a simple white dress shirt and slacks, but it looks like no one gave Sehun that memo.

#10. Sehun in August 2018

Denim shirts aren’t always easy to pull off, but—as with all styles—they’re effortless for Sehun.