Here Are The 10 Unique Things You Can Expect To See Only At PENTAGON’s Concert

Solid reasons to buy those tickets now!

PENTAGON is now on their “PRISM” tour around the globe to meet their fans and perform for them live! Since its kick off in Seoul, PENTAGON has already blessed Jakarta, Indonesia and Toronto, Canada with their bomb concerts. They’re only getting started though, with over a dozen cities left to go on the list, including Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Paris, and more! PENTAGON fans can’t wait to attend these legs because they’re known to put on quite the show. Here are the 10 unique things you can see, only at PENTAGON’s concerts.


1. Hui’s Beautiful “Beautiful”

Hui will bless your ears with his unrivaled, one-and-only kind of voice…


2. Hongseok’s Hot Damn Time

… while Hongseok will bless you in a whole another way with his shirt unbuttoned.


3. The Cry Baby And His Tear-Keepers

You’ll also get to see at least one of the members get emotional about his overwhelming love for the fans – along with his teammates ever-so-sweetly making him feel better about it.


4. Jinho’s “Havana” Ooh-Na-Na

You’ll also get to enjoy PENTAGON spicing up the stage with some special performances too, like this steamy “Havana”…


5. All That Uptown Funk

… and all that “Uptown Funk”, funking you up.

6. The Dance Battle of the Century

There will be dance-offs that will make your bias wreck your other bias…


7. The Tweet-Worthy Moments

… and tweet-worthy moments like this that will make you drop all your UWUs.


8. The Spectacular Stages

And of course, PENTAGON will pump out all their hit songs and show off all their iconic choreographies. You don’t want to miss any of these!


9. The Love Confessions

Plus, you want to hear them endlessly confess their love to you. What could be better?


10. And That Severe Post-Concert Depression!

Oh, it’s very real. The only remedy? Book more tickets, duh.


PENTAGON’s PRISM Tour dates are as follows. To grab your ticket, visit Live Nation today: