Here Are The 10 Most Viewed Fancams of TWICE’s “Alcohol-Free”

ONCEs were really excited to see OT9 TWICE take the stage again!

Just because TWICE is done promoting their summer bop “Alcohol-Free” doesn’t mean we have to stop watching their epic performances! Here are the top 10 “Alcohol-Free” fancams ONCE can’t stop watching on YouTube!

10. TWICE at MCountdown on June 17, 2021

Views: 1.1M

Nothing beats seeing OT9 TWICE slaying on stage together!

9. Jeongyeon at Inkigayo on June 13, 2021

Views: 1.1M

With 1.1 million views in less than a month, this fancam proves ONCE was thrilled to see Jeongyeon take the stage again during “Alcohol-Free” promotions!

8. Sana at Inkigayo on June 13, 2021

Views: 1.2M

Sana served major looks in her red dress that totally fit the bossa nova vibe of “Alcohol-Free!”

7. Mina at MCountdown on June 10, 2021

Views: 1.3M 

Mina’s stunning visuals, sweet voice, and smooth moves are on full display in this fancam from TWICE’s first “Alcohol-Free” performance!

6. Jihyo at MCountdown on June 10, 2021

Views: 1.4M 

From her adorable smile in this fancam, it’s clear God Jihyo loves performing just as much as we love watching her do it!

5. Jeongyeon at MCountdown on June 10, 2021

Views: 1.4M

Jeongyeon’s second appearance on this list just confirms ONCE is excited to see her perform again!

4. Nayeon at MCountdown on June 6, 2021

Views: 2M

ONCE can’t get enough of Nayeon’s precious bunny visuals!

3. TWICE at Show! Music Core on June 12, 2021

Views: 2.4M 

This OT9 fancam showcases TWICE’s incredible synchronization!

2. TWICE at MCountdown on June 17,2021

Views: 3M

This fancam of TWICE’s encore performance after earning their first music-show win for “Alcohol-Free” shows the group’s vocals off and gives us plenty of cute interactions between the members!

1. TWICE at MCountdown on June 10, 2021

Views: 3.5M

This OT9 fancam takes the top spot and proves ONCE loves nothing more than seeing TWICE perform on stage all together!


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