Here Are 10+ Most Visual-Packed Moments From BTS’s 2020 Lotte Family Online Concert

Ah, the sweet death by BTS’s visual attack.

On September 27, Lotte brand held its 30th Lotte Duty Free Family Concert — though online this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic — and BTS graced the stage with their usual charisma and passion. Here are 10 most memorable moments from the concert, ICYMI!

1. That sleeveless shirt on Jin teasing us for a split second like-

Who’s still breathing? WHO’S STILL BREATHING?

2. Guess why “Min Yoon Gi See Through” trended on Korean Twitter?

The stylist responsible for this madness… deserves a fat raise.

3. A sweet, sweet dose of Vitamin J we all needed this year

J-Hope‘s smile could light up a room, easy. He could light up an entire planet at that.

4. Charismatic leader-nim coming through

Okay, but who else thinks he looks like a legitimate anime character in this glorious blue hair?

5. But have you seen his aegyo?

ARMYs can handle this duality. They’ve been training years for this switch!

6. The most elegant hands on the face of this planet

They move so magically, they’re mesmerizing. No one can look away… 👁👄👁

7. O tell me, ARMY, what do angels look like?

(Shows this GIF of Jimin singing and looking into the camera.)

8. V is for V-I-S-U-A-L

We have the adorable poodle V back and it’s the best thing to have happened in 2020.

9. V is also for V-E-R-Y-S-E-X-Y

Like, who would believe us if we said this is the same person that rocked the curly Qs?

10. His specialty is bias wrecking… even if it is already Jungkook

There isn’t much to say: He is the GOLDEN maknae and we all know it.

11. Out to break his own most iconic ending fairy moment

(Gasp) 😗😗😗😗😗

12. “If we are together, even the desert becomes the sea”

How beautiful is this background transition?! BTS had ARMYs crying happy tears sitting on that stage of purple sea!