10+ Of The Most Visually Appealing K-Pop Music Videos

Take a screenshot at any point during these MVs, and you’ll have a gorgeous wallpaper.

While all K-Pop music videos have visually appealing aspects, some stand out among the rest. Here are fourteen MVs that have such stunning visuals, fans still can’t get over them.

1. “Spring Day” by BTS

Iconic for a reason, this cinematic music video complements the beautiful song with stunning colors.

2. “Focus On Me” by JUS2

Everything from the styling to the cinematography in this video is perfect.

3. “HWAA” by (G)-IDLE

Considered by fans as one of the most visually striking K-Pop music videos, “HWAA” is everything.

4. “INVU” by Taeyeon

Fans love Taeyeon’s look in “INVU”; she’s beautiful and so is the music video.

5. “Feel My Rhythm” by Red Velvet

This video is art, literally. With art history-inspired scenes, it makes sense that the visuals are top-tier.

6. “Fallin’ Flower” by Seventeen

This music video blew viewers away with how gorgeous it is.

7. “Lullaby” by GOT7

Fans love “Lullaby” because of its bright colors and lively aura.

8. “Black Mamba” by aespa

This dynamic music video helped aespa debut with a bang. The aesthetics are top quality.

9. “Fake & True” by TWICE

According to fans, “Fake & True” is one of the group’s highest-quality music videos. It’s visually stunning.

10. “Oh my god” by (G)-IDLE

This music video has everything: captivating transitions, excellent visuals, and incredible outfits.

11. “Obsession” by EXO

Fans love “Obsession” because of its creative concept. It’s also so visually interesting.

12. “Shangri-La” by VIXX

This video is so artistic that it’s highly regarded when it comes to visually pleasing MVs in K-Pop.

13. “Starry Night” by MAMAMOO

This video is so aesthetically pleasing that every frame could be used as a wallpaper.

14. “Nap of a star” by TXT

This music video carefully uses visual elements to tell a well thought-out story. Fans love how pretty the art style is.

Source: Reddit