10 Weird RM Facts That Only ARMYs Know About

A true RM stan knows more than just the basics.

If you want to learn the basics about BTS‘s RM, a quick Google search will do the trick. RM is one of the most well-documented BTS members, so finding out more about him isn’t too much of a challenge. There are, however, things about RM that only ARMYs know, like these weird facts!

1. He’s an expert at losing passports…

2. …but a noob at blowing bubblegum bubbles

In Episode 50 of Run BTS!, RM claimed that he’s never been able to blow bubbles successfully.

3. He has a habit of jutting out his chin…

…and his members love to tease him about it.

4. In addition to being the “God of Destruction”, he’s also the “King of Rejected Handshakes”.

Why is the world so cruel?

5. Many people need total darkness when they’re sleeping, but RM can fall asleep under the brightest of bright lights, no problem.

6. He’s whipped for his members’ cuteness…

7. …but he can’t handle his own

8. His dimples are a national treasure

9. Even though he’s allergic to seafood, he loves crabs

(As friends, not food.)

10. He sings “beautiful songs” in the shower

Jimin said that RM’s singing broke his ears.