10+ Weird Sounds Hidden In K-Pop Songs That You Can’t Unhear, Once You’ve Heard Them

You’ll never be able to listen to these songs the same way again.

1. This metallic voice shadowing the chorus in NCT U‘s “7th Sense” and the random yawn thrown in.

0:54 and again at 2:14, 2:45 (yawn)

2. The clicking in Red Velvet‘s “Body Talk” that sounds so much like a jammed turning signal it tricks listeners.

1:08 and 2:07

3. The beeping smoke alarm in the bridge of EXID‘s “DDD” that makes fans think their house is on fire.


4. The constant bass that sounds like a bird whistle going up and down throughout TWICE‘s “TT“.

Starts at 0:43

5. The screaming man in the background of miss A‘s “Only You” that was apparently a mixing side effect.

0:47, 1:22, 1:58 and 3:06

6. The ghost haunting the chorus in NCT 127’s “Cherry Bomb”.

1:04, 1:45, 3:15, 3:45

7. The clicking of heels as the Red Velvet girls walk towards their “Bad Boy” and the siren warning them away.

0:54 (clicking) and 1:12 (siren)

8. The creepy clown laughing at the beginning of Girl’s Day‘s “Darling” that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the song.


9. The moaning in BLACKPINK‘s “As If It’s Your Last“.

0:32 and 1:38

10. The monkey noise at the start of SHINee‘s track “Shout Out” and the voice saying “ow” throughout the chorus.

0:01 and 0:13, 0:47 and 1:25

11. The loud sirens at the beginning of BESTie‘s “Love Options” that scare listeners into thinking the police are chasing them.