10+ Weirdest Poses MAMAMOO Actually Did, That Will Make You Question If These Are Real Or Fake

If you think this photo’s weird, check out #10.

Sure, you can check out MAMAMOO‘s interviews whenever you need your daily dose of fun and humor from the group.

After all, their extra personality can be found whenever they’re interacting on camera.

If you only have time to look at their photos alone, though, here are 10+ weirdest poses that MAMAMOO has ever made — don’t drink any water, because you’re guaranteed to be laughing out loud all throughout the list!

1. Let’s volt in!

2. Solar was so lost, but at least she tried?

3. L-R: Conservative Moonbyul, YeBa, Sexy But Cute Wheein, Dangerous Hwasa

4. Their poses mirror their personalities so well

5. Looks like Moonbyul isn’t the only greasy member of the group

6. Who needs normal poses when you can pose like this?

7. Notice how every member put her finger inside her mouth, except Moonbyul

8. Moonbyul stans, are you still breathing?

9. MAMAMOO is extra AF and they own it

10. A fan asked them to do this pose to prove that they’re really MAMAMOO

11. Signature poses for one of their comebacks

12. Angel Line is doing aegyo, while Rapper Line is all about the swag