10 Wholesome BTS Moments That’s Bound To Make You Smile

They always know how to put a smile on our faces.

We all know just how hard BTS has worked throughout the years to be where they are at now. It’s reassuring to know that they always try to stay positive regardless of what hardships they face. Here are some wholesome moments that will be sure to give you a good laugh.

1. Dad jokes by Jin

We all know Jin is the king of ‘dad jokes’ and it’s just adorable how he laughs so hard at his own jokes every time.

2. BTS’s “normal” sleeping positions

J-Hope and Jungkook revealing their ‘normal’ sleeping positions show their quirky and fun personalities.

3. Jungkook blowing out a candle with his nose

This video proves just how close the boys are with Jungkook blowing out candles with his nose and Jimin proceeding to eat the cake right after (feat. RM‘s expression).

4. J-Hope vs. 95er’s

95ers Jimin and V love to mess around with their hyungs whenever they can.

5. Down time

This short clip warms my heart seeing the two of them enjoying some down time together during their time off.

6. Puppy-eyed Jimin

Jimin looks totally lost trying to find V and it’s the cutest thing ever.

7. BTS and TXT love

BTS being truly happy when TXT won an award is truly one of their most wholesome moments together.

8. Respect

Jungkook’s respect towards RM is evident in this clip as he sings along to Namjoon’s rap.

9. True support system

Suga winning the producer award is one of BTS’s classic wholesome moments as the members escort him onto the stage.

10. Ray of sunshine

J-Hope being J-Hope is always a wholesome moment. Here he is sending out hearts to the fans instead of doing the original choreography.

What are some of your favorite wholesome moments from BTS?