10 Wild K-Pop Coincidences That Will Literally Blow Your Mind

Prepare to have your mind blown.

These 10 K-Pop coincidences will blow your mind, you might not even believe it at first!

1. Chenle and Jisung (NCT Dream)

Before Chenle becoming an SM Entertainment trainee, he had met Jisung through a Chinese TV show in 2013. Chenle performed after Jisung, and the two even took a photo with each other. Years later, the two would end up debuting in the same group and become best friends!

2. Jessica and Tiffany (Girls’ Generation)

Tiffany and Jessica were born in the same year, at the same hospital in the United States. They would later join the same company and go through the process of forming Girls’ Generation, to both making the final cut and debuting with the group.

3. Hongbin and Ken (VIXX)

In an interview with Vogue, Hongbin revealed that he was inspired to become a singer after he saw a group of boys perform at his school. After becoming a trainee and debuting with VIXX, it was revealed that Ken was one of the boys that inspired him to become a singer. He joked that he falls quickly for people who sing well, but since Ken is so funny, he keeps forgetting that he’s a good singer!

4. Eunkwang (BTOB) and Doojoon (HIGHLIGHT)

When the two enlisted into the military (just three days apart from each other), they were placed into the same training squad by pure luck! It was reported that the two idols also shared living space.

5. Eunha and SinB (VIVIZ)

Eunha and SinB were childhood friends with the same real name (Eunbi), and the two even attended the same dance school. They got picked by the same company, Big Hit Entertainment, and both moved to Source Music after. They both ended up debuting in GFRIEND together. When GFRIEND disbanded, the two continued alongside Umji with VIVIZ.

6. Yoojung (I.O.I/Weki Meki) and Lee Daehwi (Wanna One/AB6IX)

Both of these idols appeared on Produce 101 and were the centers for their respective seasons. Coincidentally, both of the centers ended up in third place!

7. Aron (NU’EST) and Sungyeon (PRISTIN)

Aron and Sungyeon coincidentally lived in the same apartment building in America. Sungyeon’s older brother was actually friends with Aron before he moved to Korea to pursue his career as an idol. The two only found out after joining the company!

8. Kang Daniel and Park Woojin

Kang Daniel and Park Woojin both participated in the same dance competition in Busan when they were younger, before their appearance on Produce 101. A few years later, they would join the survival show and debut together with Wanna One. The two didn’t know until fans uncovered it after Produce ended! Additionally, BTS‘s Jimin was also in the same dance competition.

9. Jonghyun (NU’EST) and Kaeun

Lee Kaeun and Kim Jonghyun both joined the Produce series as Pledis Entertainment trainees despite coming from groups who were known as veterans in the K-Pop industry. They had near-identical rankings throughout the whole show, and viewers had expected both of them to make the final line-up of their respective seasons. Sadly, they both ended up in the 14th place and did not debut with the winning group.

10. Haseul and Choerry (LOONA)

Before debuting, Haseul and Choerry lived in the same town. They had mentioned in the past that they would often see each other at the bus stops growing up, and the two ended up becoming trainees at the same time. They both passed Blockberry Creative‘s auditions and passed, debuting in LOONA together.