10 Of The Wildest Hairstyles Brought To You By Your Favorite K-Pop Idols

They’re some of the boldest styles you’ll see for miles around!

K-Pop idols are known for being trendsetters! From red carpet to airport fashion, and even simple items like perfume, idols can trend anything! So in the era of playing with hairstyles, these idols got with the trend, and have sported some of the craziest hairstyles seen in K-Pop! Here are just a few examples of the some of the  wildest hairstyles to have ever graced the heads of your favorite K-Pop trendsetters!


1. Former 2NE1 member Dara’s hairstyle that stands up for itself

This hairstyle has had many names, from caterpillar, to palm tree and even a rich imitation of a periscope…either way, this high-up braid has been one of former 2NE1 member Dara‘s most defining looks in more than a decade of a very fruitful career!


2. JYJ Junsu’s maroon, blue and white look, that defies all expectations

This could possibly the moment where JYJ‘s Junsu completely gave up on the societally-defined idea of decision-making. Why stick to one color on your head when you can have three, and have it styled like this?


3. BIGBANG G-Dragon’s ICONIC sushi hair

When BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon showed up at the 2013 MAMA with his now-iconic tamago sushi hair, it immediately launched fans everywhere into screams of disbelief, laughter and also awe, because only G-Dragon’s got the guts to pull this off!


4. f(x) Krystal’s very confusing chopped-and-dipped hair

For the MV of f(x)‘s song, “NU ABO” in 2010, Krystal danced and sang in the MV like the top class idol she is. Fans, however, noticed the rather odd choice in her fresh cut and color, and no matter how much you want to look away, its just hard to stop staring.


5. Brown Eyed Girls Narsha’s equally confusing chopped-and-dipped hair

Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha herself had a round of confused expressions going around with this iconic uneven-bowl-cut-black-blonde-color-mix that’s all kinds of astounding.


6. BIGBANG Taeyang’s round….horns?

For BIGBANG’s “Monster” era, Taeyang sported these round locks of hair curled up on his head, that we can only presume are meant to resemble horns. Whatever the intended depiction, it certainly added to BIGBANG’s long legacy of perplexing locks.


7. TVXQ Changmin’s revolutionary spikes

Over here you will see TVXQ‘s Changmin, channeling that Christmas energy.


8. NCT 127’s Mark Feelin’ That Frizz

For NCT 127‘s comeback with “Limitless” in 2017, Mark sported wildly curly, frizzy hair, and coupled with their tracksuit outfits for the era, truly “mark”ed his spot into this list.


9. BIGBANG Taeyang’s…hair tail

Man here looking like a whole scorpion.


10. BIGBANG G-Dragon’s very, very, very long side sweep

Just another day in G-Dragon’s life- making music, meeting fans, working hard, all with a single sweeeep of his hair!