The 10 Worst Injuries That Ever Happened To BTS Members

BTS has had their share of accidents… thankfully nothing too serious!

BTS is made of very hard working and dedicated members. When they perform they give their all, which means sometimes injuries happen. While Jungkook‘s exhaustion during the “Wings” tour was documented in Burn The Stage, there are other instances where the boys were injured on stage or got so sick they had to go to hospital and cancel appearances.

1. Jin’s ISAC punch

When Jin and RM participated in a futsal tournament during Idol Star Athletics Championships in 2016, he was accidentally elbowed in the face by ZE:A‘s Dongjun and was escorted off the field because of the bleeding. Although BigHit Entertainment did not release an official statement, rumors were that staff wanted to take him to hospital because the bleeding wouldn’t stop. Jin released a selfie on Twitter afterwards, assuring fans he was okay although he had to stop playing the game and return to his dorm to rest.

2. Suga’s ear injury

Suga suffered an ear injury in 2015 which forced him to be excluded from all year-end festivals. He tripped on a door threshold while in his dorm and fell, injuring his ear. This injury was severe enough for doctors to recommend his exclusion from any activity that could cause stress on the wound for about a week. BigHit Entertainment released a statement saying the wound had been checked after the allotted time and, following the doctor’s advice Suga would be absent from BTS promotions for a longer period. His absence lasted several weeks.

3. RM’s Japan incident

RM was taken to hospital while in Sapporo after he accidentally hit his toe on some furniture. He was unable to do any dancing during the concerts. BigHit Entertainment released a statement explaining that he was in perfect health aside from his stubbed little toe, but doctors had recommended that he refrain from any physical activity until he fully recovered from his injury.

4. Jimin’s neck pain

Jimin was unable to perform at the “Wings” concert in Macau due to neck and shoulder pain. He was seen at the Macau airport looking dizzy and sick and later was spotted at a hospital waiting to be seen. Big Hit Entertainment released a statement explaining that, after initial examination, the doctors had recommended he not participate in any physical activity so he would be excluded from some stages. On the final episode of Burn The Stage, Jimin was seen crying because he couldn’t perform.

5. Jungkook’s leg injury

When Jungkook was spotted walking with the aid of staff members after the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong, fans speculated that he had a visible leg injury after BTS’s performance.

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Fans attributed the speculated injury to the intro stage, where Jungkook was seen dangling from the ceiling with wires. Nothing has been confirmed, however.

6. RM and Jin’s finger splints

In 2015, both RM and Jin were seen with bandages on their hands. After a lot of fan worry and speculation, they explained at a fansign that RM had injured himself filming the “Run” MV. A bandage was put on to promote faster healing.

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For everyone who keeps asking what happened to Rapmon and Jin's hands 👇🏻 – RapMonster's injury was obtained while they were filming for the RUN MV. You can see his finger bandaged at some point in the behind the scenes video. At first they only had his finger in a splint. But then they eventually put a full cast on it so that it would heal faster and to prevent his injury from getting worst. Rapmon at the Fansign reassured everyone he was fine. – Jin injured his finger because he played around too roughly with Taehyung. If you watch the behind the scenes of Show Champion you can understand why 😂😂 Hope that cleared things up for everyone. Let's pray they heal fast and that no more injuries happen 🙏🏻❤️ – #bts#bangtan#bangtanboys#bangtansonyeondan#rapmonster#rapmon#kimnamjoon#namjoon#RM#jin#kimseokjin#seokjin#pinkprincess#RUN#ARMY#진#김석진#랩몬스터#김남준#방탄소년단#防彈少年團#화양연화pt2 -No Repost- ©jin10seconds, Love you too much

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Jin had injured his finger because he played around too roughly with V.

7. Too much dancing for Suga

When BTS posted a picture on Twitter with Suga’s knee taped in kinesiology tape (which decompresses the tissue immediately below the skin to assist in pain management and muscle recovery), fans began to speculate he was injured. The tape, however, can be used to prevent injuries as well as help recover from injuries and there was never any confirmation that Suga had injured himself.

8. Suga’s appendix surgery

In 2013, when BTS was promoting in Japan, Suga was rushed back to Korea to have emergency surgery when his appendix burst. He said afterwards that, “While we were promoting in Japan my stomach hurt a lot. I thought it was diarrhea so I went to the bathroom, but nothing came out. The next day I had a fever so I went to the hospital and found out that my appendix burst.”

9. Jin’s firework burn(?)

During a 2016 performance of “Blood, Sweat and Tears” at the One Asia Festival in Busan, Jin was seen clutching his ear after he danced close to exploding fireworks. Fans speculated that the sparks or noise from the fireworks caused him pain, but this was never confirmed by BigHit Entertainment.

10. Jimin’s fainting scare

Jimin was rushed to hospital when he fainted and fell off the stage during BTS’s 2015 “Japan Official Fan Meeting Undercover Mission” fan meeting in Osaka. Big Hit Entertainment assured fans after the incident that Jimin was uninjured. He reportedly lost his balance due to his blood pressure dropping after playing a game involving him holding his breath.