10 Worst Stage Accidents That Resulted In Severe Idol Injury

These idols were hurt due to stage accidents.

Performing on stage is something that K-Pop idols do a lot. Whether it be concerts, music shows, or events, there will be a lot of stage-time for successful idols. With that being said, many idols have experienced severe stage accidents that have resulted in major injury. Let’s take a look at some of these stage accidents.


1. Jun.K (2PM) Falls Off Moving Platform

During a performance for 2PM‘s 6 Nights concert event, Jun.K fell off the stage at a distance of 3 meters (almost 9 feet). He fell between moving trolleys and was taken away by stretcher to a local hospital. The concert ended up being cancelled, and Jun.K fractured his right elbow and his right ring finger while also spraining his shoulder.


2. Subin’s (DalShabet) Stage Collapse Accident

Back in 2011, DalShabet‘s Subin fell through the stage in the middle of a live performance. While she was falling, she smashed her face into one of the metal pyrotechnic outlets, which caused her lips and mouth to be cut severely. Subin had to be rushed to the hospital, where she received a total of 16 stitches on her lips and face.


3. Bora (formerly of SISTAR) Falling On-Stage

When SISTAR was still a rookie group in 2010, the group was performing their hit single “Shady Girl” at the Let’s Start Sharing Concert. Unfortunately, the venue was outside and it had just begun to pour rain, making the stage completely wet. SISTAR carried on with their performance, but this led to Bora falling flat on her face. Bora powered through, but the slip resulted in serious injuries and she left with a broken arm and thumb.


4. Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa) 

During a 2006 Shinhwa concert in Busan, member Kim Dong Wan fell off stage. He was walking towards the fans, but due to poor lighting, he didn’t see the end of the stage. This caused him to fall off the edge. He was immediately sent to a hospital, where he was treated for sprains and a dislocated shoulder.


5. Girls’ Generation TTS’s Seoul Music Awards Stage Accident

During the 2014 Seoul Music Awards, Girls’ Generation TTS had just finished their performance and was walking off stage when the stage lift suddenly collapsed, causing Seohyun to slip and Taeyeon to fall completely through. Seohyun sustained a sprained leg and Taeyeon received treatment for shock and bruises.


6. Onew’s (SHINee) Music Bank Light Structure Accident

In 2009, after SHINee‘s performance on KBS’s Music Bank, the group was leaving the stage when a lighting structure suddenly collapsed. One of the light fixtures smashed to the floor, nearly hitting Onew. The shock of the incident caused Onew to faint and he was carried to the hospital by staff members.

Had the members of Super Junior not grabbed the structure and stopped it from completely falling on Onew, the injury could have been much more severe, and possibly fatal. Luckily, Onew only received minor bruises from the incident and was treated for shock.


7. Seungri’s (BIGBANG) Pyrotechnic Explosion

During the early years of BIGBANG‘s career in 2007, there was an incident at a concert when a set of stage fireworks exploded in Seungri‘s face. He managed to jump out of the way last-minute to prevent further injury, but was still rushed to the hospital to receive treatment for burns on his face and body. Ever since, Seungri has developed a phobia for on-stage pyrotechnics.


8. Jaeho (formerly of History) 

During a live performance on Show Champion, disbanded group History was performing their single “Queen” on an outdoor stage. Unfortunately, it had begun to rain, which caused the stage to be slippery and wet. Jaeho ended up falling due to the rain, and this caused him to break his thumb in the process.


9. Suzy’s Slip At A miss A Concert

Before miss A‘s disbandment, the group held a 2014 concert in Beijing. At this concert, Suzy ended up slipping on a set of stairs on stage during a solo performance of “Let it Go”. The fall caused her to gash her leg open, cut up her arm, and sprain her ankle.


10. Huihyeon (DIA) Falls Off Stage

DIA was performing at the “Blue Star Concert” in 2016 when member Huihyeon fell off the stage. DIA’s Huihyeon was performing on a 2-meter high stage (6.5ft), when she tripped and completely fell off. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Huihyeon returned to the stage and completed the performance. It was later revealed that she had broken her leg, and bruised her tail bone from the fall.