10 Of This Year’s Best Halloween Dance Practices From Scarily Talented K-Pop Groups

How do they dance in these costumes?! 😂

Halloween may be over, but these costumed performances will never get old! Take a look at 10 scarily good K-Pop dance practices from this year’s festivities.


Ahead of their debut next month, rookie boy group ENHYPEN performed I-LAND‘s “Chamber 5 (Dream of Dreams)” dressed as adorable fruit people. Some of the cutest costumes included Sunoo as a peach, Heeseung as an apple, and Jungwon as a mango with a label on his head.


EVERGLOW performed their 80s-inspired hit track “La Di Da” dressed as iconic female characters from action movies. Some of the coolest costumes included Onda as Harley Quinn, Aisha as Lara Croft, and Yiren as Black Widow.

3. Stray Kids

After performing a hanbok version of “Back Door” at the beginning of October, Stray Kids gave fans a Halloween relay dance version of Japanese track “All In”. Some of the most handsome costumes included Felix as Minnie Mouse, Bang Chan as a devil-vampire-bat, and Hyunjin as a witch.

4. Weki Meki

Leveraging their number of members, Weki Meki greeted fans on Halloween with a “100 Facts” (“Cool” English version) performance dressed as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Alongside Sei as Snow White, some of the cutest dwarf costumes were Yoojung dressed as Bashful and Doyeon dressed as Sleepy.

5. WayV

WayV ditched their handsome image for a pretty one with this year’s “Bad Alive” princess version dance practice. Some of the most regal costumes included Xiaojun as Jasmine, Yangyang as Ariel, and Hendery as Rapunzel.

6. The Boyz

The Boyz’s “Trick version” dance practice of “The Stealer” saw the members wearing an array of fun costumes. Some of the best included Q as an Angry Bird, Younghoon as Harley Quinn, and Hyunjae as someone abducted by an alien.

7. Lee Suhyun

What better track to perform a Halloween version of than one called “Alien”? Lee Suhyun treated fans to a Harry Potter-inspired performance dressed as an icy green Slytherin student.


CRAVITY recorded fixed and vertical dance practices of “Sunrise” dressed as Hogwarts students too. Minhee and Woobin were Gryffindors, Wonjin and Seongmin were Ravenclaws, Allen and Serim were Hufflepuffs, and Taeyoung, Hyeongjun, and Jungmo were Slytherins.

9. WEi

WEi’s Halloween costumes for their new “Twilight” dance practice were a mix of traditional, unique, and downright weird. Some of the highlights included Yongha as an octopus, Junseo as Jack Sparrow from Pirate of the Caribbean, and Seokhwa as Harry Potter.


Last but not least, check out BVNDIT’s cute costumed performance of “Come and Get It”. Some of the the most memorable costumes include Jungwoo as a pea pod, Yiyeon as Sailor Moon, and Simyeong as a Korean mountain god.