10+ Youthful K-Pop Maknaes Who Are Actually The Eldest In Their Family

It’s hard to imagine them not being the babies!

These 12 K-Pop maknaes may do a great job of being the cute “babies” of the group, but in their real families, they’re actually the reliable eldest sibling.

1. Yeri (Red Velvet)

Red Velvet’s Yeri has four younger sisters.

2. Jongho (ATEEZ)

ATEEZ’s Jongho has one younger brother.

3. Arin (Oh My Girl)

Oh My Girl’s Arin has one younger brother.

4. Hyunsuk (CIX)

CIX’s Hyunsuk has three younger siblings.

5. Yeonjung (Cosmic Girls)

Cosmic GirlsYeonjung has one younger brother.

6. Jiheon (fromis_9)

Fromis_9’s Jiheon has one little brother who’s five years younger than her.

7. Somi (I.O.I)

Former I.O.I maknae Somi has one younger sister.

8. Chani (SF9)

SF9’s Chani has one younger brother.

9. Yein (Lovelyz)

Lovelyz’s Yein has one younger sister.

10. Bomin (Golden Child)

Golden Child’s Bomin has one little sister who’s four years younger than him.

11. Hyeri (Girl’s Day)

Former Girl’s Day maknae Hyeri has a sister two years younger than her.

12. Sungjong (INFINITE)

INFINITE’s Sungjong has one little brother who’s three years younger than him.