10 YouTube Channels Where You Can Watch Amazing Korean Web Series For Free

A world of free content is out there, you just have to take it!

Streaming sites can be expensive, and sometimes they don’t even have anything you want to watch! Well, here’s a secret… there are hundreds of Korean web series for free right on YouTube! Also, many of them are extremely short (about 2-20 minutes an episode), so you can really watch them any time, anywhere! Here are just 10 YouTube channels to get you hooked on web series!

1. AsianCrush

AsianCrush is an Asian entertainment streaming website similar to Kocowa and Viki. They stream shows and movies from South Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and more on their website. On their YouTube channel, they create high-quality Korean web series.

Some web series on this channel: I Am, The Blue Sea, Love Security, Longing for Spring, and I Eat, Therefore I Am.

2. Tooniverse

Tooniverse is a cartoon and anime channel in South Korea broadcasted by CJ E&M. However, they have since been expanding to short television series that are also being uploaded to their YouTube account.

Some web series on this channel: My YouTube Diary, Ma Boy, Ohlala School, and The Haunted House EX: The Haunted Memory.

3. PLAYLIST Global

Playlist Global has practically become a household name in South Korea as it has over 1.6 million subscribers. When people think of Korean web series, this is usually the first company that comes to mind. Most of its dramas have romantic themes targeting teenagers, however, they do have a few for young adults.

Some web series on this channel: Love Playlist, Flower Ever After, A-TEEN, and XX.

4. tvN D STORY

TvN D STORY is a digital drama studio created by tvN. The channel specifically targets Gen Z audiences, so most of their web series have youth and friendship themes. However, they recently have been diving into slightly more mature themes in a romantic thriller.

Some web series on this channel: Trap, God’s Will, The World of My 17, and The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen.

5. Dingo K-Drama

Dingo is a digital studio brand focusing on lifestyle and entertainment content by the Korean media company MAKEUS. Dingo K-Drama is their YouTube channel with diverse content, including both K-Pop and K-Drama entertainment.

Some web series on this channel: Like, Miss Independent Ji Eun, Not a Robot, and Fling at a Convenience Store.

6. Lululala Story Lab

Lululala Story Lab is one of the newest Korean web drama channels launched as an offshoot of Studio Lululala (which also has a few web series) created by the TV network JTBC. Despite it being a recent channel, it already has quite a few celebrities participating in it, such as NCT’s Jaemin and actor Jung Sang Hoon.

Some web series on this channel: The Way I Hate You, Hanging On!Nineteen, and Alive.

7. KOK (King Of Korean-drama) TV

KOK TV has some of the best Korean web series and is followed by over 1.5 million subscribers. WHYNOT Media is the production company that created the channel, and they focus on short-form videos for online media platforms.

Some web series on this channel: FAILing in Love, Secret Crushes, Real High School RomanceOne Fine Week, and Best Mistake.

8. Studio DIA

If you enjoy a little strangeness in your K-Dramas, try out Studio DIA! It has a variety of web series, including fantasy, shapeshifting, silly, unexpected themes.

Some web series on this channel: My Dog-Like Dating, What to Do With You, and Legally, Dad.

9. Lifetime

While Lifetime has a lot of K-Pop content, it also takes part in a lot of K-Drama making! Some of them can be pretty dramatic, but it has quite a few celebrities that fans would recognize.

Some web series on this channel: The Mermaid PrinceSydney Sunshine, Ghostderella, Who Kissed Me, and How to Get Your Ex Back.

10. Big Picture Mart

Big Picture Mart is hardly known by anyone as it only has about 19k subscribers. It doesn’t have many web series yet; however, its most recent series (Big Picture House) includes some big names like N.Flying‘s Jaehyun and Seunghyub, as well as former AOA‘s Yuna.

Some web series on this channel: Big Picture House and DokGoBin is Updating.