All 11 Of BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Outfits In “Flower” MV And Their Designers

Jisoo held her own fashion show in the music video!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo recently released her first solo album, “Me,” with a music video for the title track, “Flower.” Fans were treated to a “fashion show” with the visuals from the music video, as Jisoo wore several stunning looks.

Here are all 11 of her outfits from the music video!

1. Delicate In Lace

The first outfit Jisoo was seen in is the Violet In Ca’d’oro dress from the Turkish brand New Arrivals.

She wore a pair of white pumps from Dior along with this look.

2. Multicolor Madness

The skirt and top set Jisoo is wearing are from a Spanish brand called Reparto Studio. The heart-shaped top features the names of several Spanish designers, and the skirt is made from posters found around Madrid.

3. Black Ruffles

This gorgeous look featured two brands Jisoo is currently the ambassador for  — DIOR and Cartier. Her dress comprises three pieces from Dior: a short-sleeved top, the D lace corset belt, and a long skirt with ruffles.

Her earrings are from the Panthere de Cartier collection and retail at over 60 thousand USD.

4. Muted Florals

The dress Jisoo is wearing during this part of the MV is from Lee y. Lee y., and is called the Ferdinand.

5. Red Woman

The focal point of this look is the flower in Jisoo’s hand, matching the red sleeves she is wearing from the brand RUI. This was paired with the Maria Micro mini dress from Mirror Palais.

6. Luxurious Lounging

This beautiful open-sided dress is from Rick Owens and seems comfortable enough to lounge in as Jisoo did.

7.  Purple Princess

This purple dress is straight from Versace‘s S/S 2023 runway collection. The unique thing about this collection is that it is bridal!

8.  Corseted Look

Jisoo is pretty like a white petal flying away in the wind in this lovely white ruffled dress. This look, likely custom, is accentuated with a pale pink corset.

9.  Blue Blues

Jisoo’s dress is another floral design from Susan Fang and was paired with the Sailor Jupiter boots from Jimmy Choo‘s collaboration with the series.

The headband she wore is actually from a smaller brand, Rosetteblac.  

10. All The Sparkles

This dazzling two-piece set is another from Lee y. Lee y. and according to the brand was custom-made just for Jisoo!

11.  Pretty in Pink

This fan-favorite look is another Rick Owens piece from the brand’s S/S 2023 collection. It also features a large slit, just like the other look.

Which of these was your favorite?