11 Celebrities Who Never Drink Alcohol

These 11 celebrities just can’t drink alcohol at all.

Korea is known as one of the heaviest drinking countries in the world, with its own dedicated culture and everything. However some celebrities still choose to avoid alcohol, whether it’s because of their own limitations or by choice.


1. Actor Lee Sung Min

Lee Sung Min is not good at drinking but will still accompany his friends who do drink to second rounds, staying right until the end. He even goes to eat hangover stew with them the morning after.


2. Block B’s Zico

Even though he has is very strong hip-hop image, Zico doesn’t drink well and doesn’t enjoy clubbing.


3. Dok2

Alcohol is just a list of many things Dok2 avoids, which also includes smoking, swearing, coffee, and even getting angry at others.


4. Jeon Hyun Moo

Jeon Hyun Moo can’t drink well so to make sure he didn’t have to drink, he poked a hole in a paper cup so the soju would spill out the bottom.


5. g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung

Park Joon Hyung feels like he may be drunk at times with the way he talks and acts on shows, but he can’t drink a shot of soju. His demeanor on broadcast is just the way he is.


6. Actor Kim Hee Won

Known for playing many villainous roles in dramas and movies, many people would think he can drink a lot. In reality, he can’t even finish one shot of soju.


7. Legendary Big Mouth (Yoo Jae Suk, Park Soo Hong, Kim Soo Yong, Kim Yong Man, Ji Suk Jin)

The Legendary Big Mouth quintuplet from KBS Happy Together 3 are all terrible drinkers. 4 of the members can split a 500ml glass of beer and they would all be drunk at the end.


8. Park Kyung Lim

During company dinner outings, Park Kyung Lim will prepare a soju bottle filled with water in advance and bring it. She also gets other people attending to be her black knight (they will drink for her).


9. Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook made an analogy about how his body turns out after he drinks alcohol. Normally, his body is like a pure green tea leaf, but when he drinks alcohol, the next day his body is like a shriveled green tea leaf.


10. Lee Young Ja

Lee Young Ja is known for eating anything and everything, so one may assume she’d be a good drinker too. In reality, she gets drunk off just one shot of soju, which is why she doesn’t drink.


11. Kim Sook

Instead of drinking alcohol, Kim Sook drinks water instead. She has gained sympathy from netizens for mentioning the issues of the drinking culture in Korea, such as when people are forced to drink by an older person.

Source: 1boon