9 Dangerous Things BTS’s J-Hope Does That ARMYs Wish He Would Stop Doing

Sure, J-Hope’s your hope. But he may also be your greatest downfall.

If you are an ARMY or a BTS J-Hope stan, please stop scrolling. This post is going to be full of ridiculously dangerous things J-Hope does so it’s better for you to be safe.

Consider yourself cautioned.

Proceed at your own risk.

It’s a common fact that BTS’s J-Hope is a bright and nice idol who gives hope and a ray of sunshine to every ARMY.

He’s like an energy drink that gives you the motivation to continue following your dreams, even when you’re struggling.

But did you know that he can be a dangerous boy, too?

Please take note of these “bad boy” things that J-Hope does.

Feel free to dive down deep — but not too much, or you’ll be drowned:

1. Hip thrust king and he’s proud of it

His eyes tell you he knows exactly what he’s doing.

2. Body rolling just because he can

How can watching a music video with “evil” in its title feel so right?

3. Did anyone say “more hip thrusts, please”?

Adding hip thrusts to a song about changing the country’s hierarchical system may be too much for a common ARMY to take.

Dangerous dances like this require disclaimer in the beginning. You don’t want to be “pronounced dead” too, do you?

4. Staring intensely into the camera

There’s Jimin and Jungkook getting ready to perform.

And then there’s Hobi who looks like he wants to take his relationship with the camera’s lens to the next level.

5. Quick snapshots of his abs

Best of luck to all the ARMYs watching BTS’s shows with their loving and supportive family.

6. Touching his lips seductively

For the last time, J-Hope, your lips are still there– no need to touch them just to be reminded of its presence.

7. Sticking his tongue out

Do you think it’s possible to order holy water online?

8. Innocently flexing his arms

Do you know why BTS fans are called ARMYs?

It’s because they’re tough as nails and strong enough to handle this seemingly innocent but actually flirty bomb.

9. Winking

And just when you thought you’ve seen it all, J-Hope bombards you with a wink that makes you want to say a prayer.

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