11 Emotional Fan Reactions To ONF’s First Music Show Win With “Beautiful Beautiful”

It is a huge achievement for the group and their fans!

On the latest episode of The Show, ONF had their first music show win with their latest single, “Beautiful Beautiful.”

The group debuted back in 2017 with the song “ON/OFF.” It was not only their first win but the first time the band has been nominated. They beat the other nominees with a total of 9,040 points, which is the highest of 2021.

With this achievement, their fans have taken to Twitter with some emotional words to congratulate the group on their win!

1. If only they could see you now…

2. Today will be special for more than one reason.

3. It could not have happened without the support and help of everyone in the fandom!

4. It was a long journey but worth every single minute.

5. Time goes on, but some things never change!

6. See Wyatt! We told you your time would come.

7. What a difference eight years can make!

8. No matter how long you have been a Fuse, this moment is unforgettable

9. The win made all the hard times seem worth it!

10. It has been a tough journey, but each member deserves all the success!

11. Hard work and dedication always pay off in the end.

If you haven’t already watched ONF’s new single, “Beautiful Beautiful,” make sure to check out the video!