11 Ethnically Mixed K-Artists You Should Be Checking Out

Their looks are definitely unique.

South Koreans often regard themselves as a monoethnic society, but, like in any other country of the World, there are Korean citizens with parents who aren’t ethnically Korean.

The upcoming list includes idols, soloists and rappers who are half-Korean:

1. Seventeen’s Vernon: Korean/American of French Descent

Vernon’s father is a the South Korean artist Simon Choi and his mother is an American art teacher called Melody Vernon Chwe.


2. Yoonmirae: Korean/African American

Yoonmirae’s real name is Natasha Shanta Reid. She was born in Texas to a South Korean mother and an Africa-American father. She confessed she was bullied in her teen years due to her mixed heritage.


3. TXT’s Huening Kai: Korean/ American of German descent

Huening Kai’s racial background was a popular topic even before debut, the mystery was lifted after a source confirmed his father is American of German descent and his mother is South Korean.



4. The Boyz’s Joo Haknyeon: Korean/Hong Kongese

Haknyeon’s mother is South Korean and his father, who passed away when he was young, was from Hong Kong. Haknyeon spoke in Cantonese during a Vlive in 2017, showing that besides his nice vocals he also has other abilities.


5. Somi: Korean/Canadian of Dutch Descent

Somi’s father is Canadian with Dutch descent and his mother is South Korean. His father revealed in the show “Happy Together” that Somi suffered from bullying when she was little due to her facial features.


6. MOMOLAND’s Nancy: Korean/American

The MOMOLAND’s member grew up in Ohio, U.S with her sister and parents. Her father is American and her mother is South Korean.


7. PRISTIN’s Kyla: Korean/American

Kyla is an inactive member of the girl group PRISTIN. She was a child model and actress in America and moved to South Korea later in her life. She can speak Korean and English fluently.


8. Kangnam: Korean/Japanese

Kangnam’s real name is Yasuo Namekawa. His father is from South Korea and his mother is Japanese. He spent most of his childhood years in Japan, and has talked about how hard it was growing up as a mixed child in Japan and South Korea due to the bullying he suffered in both countries.


9. Kim Samuel: Korean/Mexican

Samuel Arredondo Kim was born in Los Angeles, California to a Mexican father and a South Korean mother. He speaks Korean and English fluently and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.


10. Lee Michelle: Korean/African American

The R&B singer and music teacher was born from an African-American father and a South Korean mother. Because of her mixed looks, she suffered discrimination from the parents of her friends at school while growing up in Korea.


11. Dok2: Korean/Filipino and Spanish

Lee Joon Kyung -or Dok2- is a South Korean rapper with mixed blood. His mother is half-Spanish and half-Filipina and his dad is South Korean.

Source: TheQoo