11 Female Idols Who Are Amazing Vocalists And Also Great Dancers

They’re all such versatile performers!

Idols are so talented! They’re extremely skilled in the areas of singing, dancing, acting, variety and so much more! A lot of times, there are members who are very skilled in one particular area, and so fill in positions such as main vocalist, or main dancer. But some idols are so multitalented that they’re able to fill positions in more than one area!

So here are 10 female idols who are great main vocalists, and also amazing dancers!


1) Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is one of the most versatile performers in the industry!


She’s the main dancer of the group, but shows some serious main vocal potential as well, and is super stable while singing live!



BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is known for her amazing and unique voice, but has some great moves as well!


She fills the position of main vocalist in her group, and also of the only lead dancer in her team!


3) TWICE’s Jihyo

TWICE Jihyo‘s nickname is “God Jihyo”, because fans say she’s seriously good at everything. And fans are absolutely right!


Jihyo has the position of leader and main vocalist in TWICE, but has honed her skills so much, that she’s one of TWICE’s most notable dancers now!


4) Chungha

After IOI‘s disbandment, Chungha decided to debut solo with her amazing talent!


A powerful vocalist and a one of the best dancers in the industry right now, she truly shines in both fields!


5) f(x)’s Luna

f(x)‘s Luna is one of the most talented artists in the industry!


Originally training as a dancer under SM Entertainment, she soon discovered a passion and love for singing, and is now one of the most gifted singers and dancers today!


6) ITZY’s Yeji

Rookie group ITZY debuted in 2019, but their newbie status doesn’t stop them from kicking up a storming the talent department, especially leader Yeji!


Yeji is a lead vocalist and also a main dancer, and is an extremely powerful performer in both!


7) MAMAMOO’s Wheein

MAMAMOO is generally regarded as an incredible vocal group, with each member individually able to hold her own quite well.


But as a lead vocalist and lead dancer, Wheein is a most dynamic performer, showing immense skill and finesse in singing and dancing both!


8) Apink’s Bomi

Apink‘s Bomi is truly a gifted idol!


Apink is nicknamed “fairy-dols” (fairy-like idols), and their dance moves require extreme elegance and delicateness for execution. Bomi hits every move like the main dancer she is, and also every note, because she’s also the lead vocalist of the group!


9) IZ*ONE’s Eunbi

IZ*ONE‘s Eunbi is the leader of the group, but along with her leadership skills, she also has excellent dance and singing skills to boast of!


After Chaeyeon, Eunbi is the second main dancer, and also serves as one of the group’s lead vocalists, hitting high notes while performing very intricate dance moves!


10) LOONA’s Heejin

LOONA‘s Heejin is a triple threat!


She’s the visual, main dancer and lead vocalist, though she’s often assumed to be a main vocalist as well! She’s extremely skilled in dancing, and has showcased her great singing abilities many times as well!


11) EVERGLOW’s Mia

Rookie group EVERGLOW is also chock-full of talent, and Mia is just one member who stands testament to that!


Mia is the group’s main dancer and main vocalist; a rare feat in K-Pop! She’s got extremely suave vocals while showing great talent in dancing as well, and excels in both fields very well!