11 Funniest BTS Pictures To Ever Be Featured On The Local News

BTS at their finest 😂

ARMYs would know that BTS can be a bunch of dorks on their off-time, but it turns out that news channels know this as well! Instead of choosing handsome videos of the boys to air to thousands of people, they decided to choose absolutely hilarious ones.

Here are 11 times BTS was featured on the news…being perfectly in their element.

1. When they were intensely playing a game in their hotel room

2. When Jin struggled as he was being carried

3. When they showed an edit of J-Hope sipping tea

4. When Jimin wore a jacket tightly over his head

5. When they showed a funny poster of Suga

6. When they chose a picture of many Jins wearing white sunglasses

7. When the clip included Jin making a funny expression

8. When they showed the boys wearing a cute fanmade shirt…

9. Which revealed an even cuter back

10. When Jin had on glasses and a hilariously neutral expression

11. Finally, when IU looked as gorgeous as ever but Suga was dressed as a sunflower