11 Funniest Eric Nam Tweets From 2020 To Celebrate April Fools’ Day

He’s the best.

If there’s one thing most K-Pop fans can agree on, it’s that Eric Nam is absolutely hilarious.

Twitter is arguably the best platform for his humor to shine through, as some of his best jokes can be found there. This April 1, let’s celebrate April Fools’ Day with some of Eric’s funniest tweets this year.

Check them out below!

1. When he knew his new calling

2. When he sent mixed signals

3. When he reminded everyone how many fingers he has

4. When he had a whole ordeal with his menu

5. When he expressed his love for Parasite

6. When he misspelled his website’s name but totally owned it

And fans definitely agreed.

7. When he talked about his #CoupleGoals

8. When he made a quarantine joke

9. When he was accused of being a bot

10. When he reminded everyone he’s attending his own tour

11. Finally, when he showed off his new haircut

Keep up the great work, Eric Nam!