Here Are 11 Gifs Of BTS And GOT7 Showing Their Beautiful Friendship And Being BFF’s

Friendship goals.

GOT7 and BTS both debuted around the same time, so they got many chances to interact with each other. A lot of their members are close and have shown on many occasions their beautiful friendship.

A YouTube channel by the name of “Ynaffit” compiled some moments of the two groups showing off their friendship. Here are 11 Gifs of GOT7 and BTS honestly being friendship goals.

1. JB, Jimin, and V dancing together

2. Suga jokingly giving Jackson a scare

3. Jackson missing RM

4. A bunch of hugging

5. Jackson dancing to “Run”

6. V and BamBam hugging

7. Jackson showering RM with praise

8. BTS reacting to “Hard Carry”

9. BamBam and J-Hope having a “dance” together

10. BTS laughing at Jackson’s performance

11. Jackson questioning RM’s honesty

Here is the full video below!