11 Gifs Of K-Pop Boy Groups Fanboying Over Na Haeun

She’s your biases bias.

Na Haeun is gaining great popularity for her incredible dancing skills. She’s only 11 years old (international age), but has gotten the opportunity to work with numerous K-Pop idols.

She’s also gotten some attention for doing some cover performances at music shows.

Na Haeun is also quite popular among boy groups, where they just can’t hide their fatherly smiles whenever they see her. Here are 11 gifs of K-Pop boy groups fanboying over Na Haeun.

1. EXO

EXO just turned into total dorks once Na Haeun started dancing.

Once their song was covered (“Ko Ko Bop”), they just went insane.

EXO couldn’t but show their fatherly side when they met Na Haeun backstage.

2. BTS

BTS had a look of amazement, and shock seeing her great dancing skills.

On another occasion, Na Haeun covered “Boy With Luv”, which caused some fatherly smiles from BTS.


WANNA ONE couldn’t but cheer when Na Haeun covered “Boomerang”.

They were also energetically cheering once she finished.


PENTAGON has worked with Na Haeun before, and they showed their fatherly side with her. The members were desperate to hear some compliments from Na Haeun.

They also felt excitement whenever Na Haeun remembered details about them, such as their names.


ONEUS is another group that has worked with Na Haeun before. The members were supportive of her whenever she danced.

They also showed their fatherly side, getting excited over the simplest things.