11 Heartwarming Friendships Between Male And Female K-Pop Idols

Some of these friendships began pre-debut.

Male and female K-Pop idols may be hesitant to get close to each other because people might misinterpret their relationship. Being close can also cause people to speculate about dating and possibly cause a dating scandal. There are a couple of heartwarming friendships that ignored this. Here are 11 friendships between male and female K-Pop idols that may warm your hearts.

1. Hani (EXID) & Heechul (Super Junior)

Source: Instagram/@kimheenim

2. Lisa (BLACKPINK) & BamBam (GOT7)

3. Jackson (GOT7) & Youngji

4. Mina (gugudan) & Mark (NCT)

5. Somi & Daehwi (AB6IX)

6. Moonbin (ASTRO) & SinB (GFRIEND)

7. Chorong (Apink) & Changsub (BTOB)

8. G-Dragon (BIGBANG) & CL

9. BoA & U-Know Yunho (TVXQ)

10. Key (SHINee) & Soyou

11. Henry & Amber