11 Idol Group Friendships That Have Us Wanting Collabs ASAP

Collaboration between these closely bonded groups would be amazing!

Interactions between K-Pop groups that work under different companies are usually adored by fans, who like to see that their favorite idols are friends with each other. While it can be hard for these groups to meet due to their different labels and conflicting schedules, award shows and variety shows can provide opportunities for them to meet and develop friendships! Here are 11 group pairings that are known to be friends that would create amazing collaborations together.

1. CLC and Dreamcatcher

These two groups have been friends since they were promoting “No” and “Piri” respectively at the same time, back in February 2019. They have even exchanged gifts for members’ birthdays! A collaboration between these two edgy girl groups would be incredible.

2. BLACKPINK and Red Velvet

The members between these two groups are so close that they’ve been dubbed “Black Velvet”. They’ve been seen on outings together in the past, such as when Jennie and Irene went on a lunch date while both groups were in LA at the same time in February 2019. If these talented girls collabed, nothing could probably compare!

3. Stray Kids and NCT Dream

These two young groups bonded after already doing collaboration stages together at the end of 2019, with members Felix and Chenle reportedly really hitting it off! They already performed so well together, it would be great to see again.


These two groups have been vocally fanboying over each other for ages, and had an epic collaboration at the 2015 MAMAs that left all of us shook. They have showed their friendships with each other in many different ways, and are often called “MONTEEN” by fans! Another collaboration by these two would be very well-taken.

5. BTOB and VIXX

The members between these two boy groups are reportedly so close that fans have dubbed them “BTOVIXX”, a powerhouse group with all 13 members! The fandoms of these two groups are friendly too, and would likely swoon at a collaboration between the two.


These senior groups have been friends for a long time, with members Key and Woohyun even forming a “sub-unit” called ToHeart. A collaboration between such experienced idols would be iconic.

7. MONSTA X and GOT7

Shownu used to be under JYP Entertainment, and sometimes the guys in GOT7 pretend that he never left! Shownu and JB used to train together pre-debut, which makes fans wonder what it would have been like had he stayed in JYP Entertainment. The two groups often interrupt each other during interviews, so we can only imagine what kind of (fun) chaos a collaboration would cause.

8. MAMAMOO and Apink

The girls in these two groups are visibly close, especially Moonbyul and Solar with Chorong and Bomi. They’ve done mukbangs together and show each other support on social media, and have showed their love for each other through gifts and attending each others’ concerts. A collaboration between these two would be on another level of elegant and epic.

9. EXO and BTS

Despite fandom wars popping up between these two groups, the members in each are actually quite good friends. Jin and D.O., Jimin and Kai, and Baekhyun and V are known to be friendly with each other, with Jin even tweeting about D.O.’s drama Pure Love and attending the premiere. The world might not be able to handle these two powerhouses collaborating together!

10. Red Velvet and MAMAMOO

The members between these two groups exchanged numbers around the time they both debuted, when their vans were parked near each other. Moonbyul and Seulgi appear to be the closest, with the most visible interactions on social media. Something jazzy and smooth would be a perfect collaboration between these two groups.


These two groups met when they starred together on Weekly Idol, and have remained friends since. Mingi is even jokingly referred to as a member of ONEUS! These two talented rookie groups would make great music together.