11 Idol Groups Who Encountered Ghosts And Lived To Tell About It

Idols tend to live a safe and guarded life but no amount of separation and bodyguards could save these eleven K-Pop artists from ghost encounters that were downright spooky.


The members of BIGBANG have recounted many experiences with ghosts but this incident was actually captured on camera. In the video, T.O.P and the other members of BIGBANG were gathered together when T.O.P’s iPod began playing music spontaneously. The scariest part? The iPod was turned off.

2. T-ARA’s Jiyeon

Jiyeon has apparently encountered ghosts multiple times personally, but one of the most creepy encounters happened on the set of her film, Death Bell 2. At one point, the cast was given instructions by what appeared to be the director, but the director never gave any instructions. A recording captured the moment when a disembodied voice shouted “cut.” Now that’s creepy!

3. EXO

Rumor has it that if a strange voice can be heard over an artists’ track, the song will achieve great success. This was certainly the case with EXO’s “Mama”, in the middle of which the voice of a woman can be heard saying “Xie Xie“.

4. SHINee’s Onew

Ghosts sure seem to love haunting SM Entertainment artists. SHINee‘s Onew once recounted the tale of the time he saw a ghost who took the form of Minho.


It’s rumored that the YG Entertainment building is haunted by ghosts, so it’s no surprise to hear this story.  According to Taeyang—who was initially a skeptic—the BIGBANG members often had encounters with ghosts in their dorms. Strangely, when the members moved, the ghost seemed to follow them as they still had many ghost encounters after.


There may just be a second Hwasa walking the halls of idol dorms in Korea, according to MAMAMOO’s Solar. The idol revealed that one night, as she lay asleep in bed, she was woken by the sound of footsteps and spotted Hwasa in the room. What makes this encounter so terrifying is that Hwasa was not in the dorms that evening, but was in her hometown. The group moved dorms after the incident.

7. miss A

Miss A fans may recall this song exceptionally well since it featured a unique person on the track. During “Only You”, a man’s voice can be heard shouting during Fei’s part! As with EXO’s “special” guest in “Mama”, however, this mysterious (perhaps otherworldly) voice was the harbinger of good and the song was a success.

8. T-ARA’s Ahreum

In the past, Ahreum has acknowledged her belief in ghosts and once posted a video on her Instagram account in which she says that she is with her friend.  When she turned the camera to film her friend, however, there was no one in the room with her. Spooky!

9. NCT

There are rumors that NCT’s old dorms were haunted and it appears that the members of NCT learned just where those rumors stemmed from. The idols revealed that they have actually seen a ghost in the dorms and would often have difficulties sleeping in the room in which the ghost was spotted.


WM Entertainment is another entertainment company that is rumored to be haunted by a ghost.  According to the girls of OH MY GIRL, they’ve actually seen the ghost that has been haunting the WM Entertainment building for four years.  The ghost apparently takes the appearance of other OH MY GIRL members and follows the idols around.


When the members of SEVENTEEN were in New York, Dino had his very own ghost encounter. Dino revealed that during the night, he received a leg massage and assumed it was hotel staff, but when he opened his eyes there was no one there. Eeek!