These 11 Idols All Just Graduated From SOPA

Congratulations to these hardworking graduates!

On February 7, over a dozen idols graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School. Today, it was the SOPA (School of Performing Arts Seoul) students’ turn. Unfortunately, due to Coronavirus precautions, the graduation ceremony was held inside with no outside invitees allowed. However, the press still managed to capture some great snaps of the happy graduates!


1. Minju (IZ*ONE)

In her graduation interview, Minju told reporters she’s grateful for the WIZ*ONEs who have supported her up until her adulthood. She also said that she’ll continue learning and working hard, cheering on the rest of the day’s graduates.

2. Rina (Weki Meki)

One of the youngest members of her group, Weki Meki‘s lead dancer Rina also graduated today, just a week ahead of her latest comeback “Dazzle Dazzle”.

3. Sumin (DreamNote)

Sumin said her teen years went too quickly, and that graduating feels bittersweet. She’ll miss her friends and teachers, but she plans on continuing to grow more and work harder. Sumin’s fellow DreamNote members came to support her outside the ceremony.

4. Jinsol (APRIL)

Jinsol told reporters that she was sad she didn’t get to focus on school life more, but also thankful and happy for all the well wishes on her graduation. She plans to work hard with APRIL and continue to support and treasure her friends and the memories they shared.

5. Karin (ELRIS)

ELRIS‘s maknae and lead vocalist Karin is the last member of her group to graduate.

6. Suyun (Rocket Punch)

Unfortunately, the graduating members of Rocket Punch were unable to attend their ceremony because it clashed with their comeback stage for “BOUNCY”. In an interview, Suyun shared that she wants to give thanks to her friends and teachers who made school great.

7. Yunkyoung (Rocket Punch)

Yunkyoung told reports she’s relieved she got a chance to say goodbye to friends and teachers the day before the ceremony. Like Suyun, she’s looking forward to showing her best with the new comeback song.

8. Eric (The Boyz)

Despite his upcoming comeback stage for “Reveal”, Eric was able to find the time to attend his graduation ceremony. As the group’s maknae, he’s the last member to graduate.

9. Hohyeon (TRCNG)

Alongside Eric, TRCNG‘s main rapper Hohyeon is the only other male idol graduate on today’s list.

10. Ahra (Favorite)

The last Favorite member to graduate is Ahra, the main vocalist and maknae. K-Pop Star fans may remember her from season 6.

11. Goo Seul (Girls’ Alert)

Goo Seul is Girls’ Alert‘s main rapper and main dancer. Her fellow member Saetbyeol graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School last week.